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Auratecture is a lighting and production design studio.

We specialise in stylistically-driven, design-focused stage concepts for concerts, touring and live events.


Ideas, inspiration, concept creation.

A total technical production design toolset – lighting, video, staging and scenic.

An interdisciplinary approach for a high-quality and unique final delivery.


Drawings and schematics.

True technical assessment, scaling and feasibility.

Breakdowns and explanations of concepts, features and potential areas of future development.


Rendering and real-time visualisation.

Looks, scenes and functionality.

An exploration of the overall design and its components.


Pre-determined sequencing or completely live control.

Timing, impact, style and experience.

Precise and considered integration of visual elements to the performance.

Producing impactful and striking stage shows across the globe.

We are architects of light, presence, form and aura. The stage is our foundation.

Drawing inspiration from out-of-the-box sources such as architecture, fashion and graphic-design, Auratecture combines these influences with the latest technologies to create unique and unforgettable stage shows.

We are driven first and foremost by a distinct understanding and passion for music of all styles. This is reflected in our unique ability to translate sound, melody, rhythm and emotion into expressive visual displays.

Auratecture seeks to continue to push the envelope and boundaries of technical production innovation and quality; for concerts, touring and events of all sizes.

Led by lighting and production designer – Ross Chapple, whose industry experience is in excess of a decade; Auratecture applies emphasis on both form and function, from concept to delivery. Based in London, United Kingdom.

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